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Pure raw uprocessed Australian Honeycomb submerged in our heavenly honey. Harvested exclusively from our Top Bar Hives with the Gympie region.

Heavenly Honeycomb

SKU: 0013
  • What is honeycomb?

    Honeycomb is made by the bees to store their honey, lay and grow their brood. Honey from unproccessed honeycomb is pure and raw. The bees build the comb, create and cure their honey then seal the honey for later. Our honeycomb comes exclusively from our top bar hives, no foundation is ever added. 


    Why is honeycomb more expensive then honey?

    It takes the bees 8 x longer to produce comb then it does honey. Each time a rail is taken from the top bar hive the bees must start again from scratch. A much slower and more natural proccess when compared with conventional boxes where foundation is added and maintained within the box to speed up honey production. 


    How do I eat honeycomb?

    Honeycomb is a versatile and beautiful food product. Add a slab to a cheese platter, eat it on its own or spread on toast. The wax can be chewed - it helps with hayfever! OR save the wax and make it into candles or body creams. 


    How does the honeycomb come?

    Honeycomb from Holistic Hives comes suspended in our special heavenly honey, it is stored safely in a high quality glass jar. 

  • If you're disatisfied in any way with our product please get in touch wthin 30 days. We will happily provide an exchange or refund if you're not happy.

    We want everyone to enjoy our products as much as we do :)! 

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