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Beekeeping Packages
Top bar beekeeping is for anyone with an interest in bees. No heavy lifting, no specialist extraction equipment and a wonderful supply of your very own honey. 
Here at Holistic Hives we believe honey bees should be looked after and remain abundant - after all our survival depends on them. 
I live in suburbia, can I keep bees? 
Yes we do! They are a natural part of our ecosystem. 
Just make sure you register your bee box with the appropriate authority, label it accordingly and conform to any relevant laws in your local area. 
I have kept bees in the past and still have some equipment, do I have to purchase a full package from Holistic Hives? 
No of course not! Please get in touch, let us know what you have and what you might need. 
I don't live in Gympie, can you still help me? 
Possibly ;) give us a call and we'll see what we can do. 
Your top bar boxes are more expensive then a conventional beekeeping box, why?
We hand make our boxes from all Australian materials using local suppliers and ensure a top quality, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing product. Additionally our top bar boxes are designed primarily for healthy bees, not commercial production. When you purchase a top bar box from us you are guaranteed a top quality Australian product ensuring you can enjoy ethical beekeeping. 
Can I buy a box with bees in it? 
Yes, depending on the season. Please give us a call. 
I have a nuc box but its not a top bar can I still use this? 
Yes, there are a range of techniques we can use to gently transition the bees into a top bar box.  
I know nothing about bees, will you help me along the way? 
Yes of course, we offer a variety of services, site visits, spring inspections, a hand with your first robbing and phone consultations. 
A swarm of bees has turned up, can I buy a box from you and catch them?
Yes! This is a wonderful way to get started, top bar boxes lend themselves well to catching swarms.
I'm interested in bees but not yet ready to commit, how can I get more information?
You can join us for a hive inspection or robbing - Spring is the perfect time of year to further your interest in bees. Alternatively drop in and see us, we have a working hive here. Come along to a monthly meeting, have a cuppa and listen to other bee keepers. Join your local beekeeping group, most places have one.  
I would like to buy a package - you have none for sale, what next?
Our packages are highly customised, please get in contact with us by email or phone and tell us what you would like. We look forward to hearing from you! 
Top bar hive rail
Andy preparing top bar boxes
Spring comb
Busy bees
Andy in brood end of top rail box
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